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DSS V6 as a perfect solution for storage virtualization

How to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted business operations?

The biggest challenge facing business today is effective and secure management of data - an essential factor for the smooth running and fast growth of any modern organization. We all are aware of how enormous costs can be for the company if there is any interruption in access to key information. So the issue of high availability of company resources regardless of the circumstances and any disasters is uncontested. One of the best solutions for performance and security of information exchange and storage, which provides peace of mind of both executives and the IT department is the storage virtualization.

Why you should consider implementation of this solution in your organization?

One of its key advantages especially for companies with several branch offices scattered all over the world is that it provides fast access to multiple virtual environments on the same storage resource or file system access wherever that is needed. However, this solution has so many advantages that any company that does not even have a branch network should be interested in its implementation. storage virtualization Storage virtualization allows you to significantly increase utilization of the arrays, enables the centralization of data and easy backup, ensure increased scalability and most importantly - brings cost savings when consolidating servers.

Would the modern business reject such benefits?

Your answer surely is 'NO', but to fully take advantage of the aforementioned possibilities you will also need the suitably fitting, functional software. So when you made a decision about virtualizing your storage, make sure that the software chosen to manage your data will let you utilize the entire potential of this IT solution. So what features are essential? What functions should include the software to give everything you expect from virtualization? We know the answer, so we created our Data Storage Software keeping in mind all requirements and needs of the virtualization process as well as the values of business continuity.

How does virtualization with DSS V6 help you to reach your business goals?

First of all DSS V6 works well with all popular virtualization platforms offered by the most popular vendors like VMware, Citrix and Microsoft. Secondly, our software provides NAS and SAN including support for SMB/CIFS, NFS, iSCSI and Fiber Channel. If you are looking for flexibility and compatibility, you will be interested in the fact that DSS V6 DSS V6 support most of all computer bus interfaces and IDE controllers of all leading hardware RAID controller manufacturers. It also gives you such an important feature like integrated software RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 to eliminate your worries about data redundancy, flexibility and of course - any data disaster. Thanks to mirroring two hardware RAID arrays, the probability of failure is significantly reduced while seamlessly migrating data.

What does it mean for your company?

First of all you will get the highest performance and data redundancy with costs and storage volume savings in the same time. Increasing of efficiency and reliability can also be achieved with MPIO for iSCSI which allows to set multiple connections to one target. You will also receive the feature of replication of data over the LAN and WAN and automatic failover for ISCSI. So with such a wide range of advanced features you will be able to exploit the full potential of virtualization and achieve all the benefits that this process provides. You will get more from your hardware, reduce TCO, and you can be sure about continuous and uninterrupted business operations. So we offer you the most practical and very scalable tool which perfectly fits into your current and future ambitious objectives.

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