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NAS filer

The amount of data, necessary for organizations to work grows every day. Spreadsheets, documents, presentations, photos, multimedia and backups - so crucial for every aspect of business, are demanding more and more storage space. Keeping such data on local hard drives becomes inefficient, insecure and more difficult to manage. That’s where NAS filer becomes a perfect solution. It’s easy to deploy, secure and reliable. It gives the possibility to distribute storage space according to user need, simplifies the backup process, and is user-friendly and cross-platform.

NAS filer, a properly configured and tested set of hardware and software, shares a common file-system over the network. Such a set must handle user access permissions and provide support for most popular file sharing protocols. It must be reliable, have a backup solution, and provide great performance and efficient usage of available hard drive space.


Solutions based on NAS filer are used by small, medium and large companies – usually for storing data, sharing and backup. Such usage implies certain requirements like scalability, uninterrupted access to data, high performance and data security. Basic requirements for the set are listed bellow:

  • Server platform with one quad-core CPU for high performance
  • H/W RAID controller with support for RAID5 or RAID6 for data safety and good performance
  • Large enterprise class SATA drives for high speed drive transfers and data reliability
  • Multiple 1GbE interface for access from various sub-networks or link aggregation
  • Large number of drive trays for large capacity
  • Redundant power supply for system reliability


The software dedicated to NAS filer should ensure continuous operation, allow the automation of processes (especially for backup) and hassle-free operation - even by untrained personnel (this concerns mainly the use of provided services). Important also is the ease of implementation and low cost. Here is the general specification that must be met:

  • Teaming/Bonding (including Adapter Fault Tolerance)
  • Data (file) replication
  • Windows Active Directory / Primary Domain Controller integration / LDAP support
  • User and group quota control and ACL support
  • Supported SMB/CIFS, FTP, Secure FTP, HTTP, AFP, NFS network protocols
  • Supported Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X network clients
  • Support for SAS/SATA RAID controllers for large capacity and data safety
  • Built-in, SNMP Based Monitoring System and E-mail notification

The recommended solution for storage for NAS filer: Open-E DSS V6. The software meets all the requirements needed for implementation of such a solution.


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