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VMware vCloud Director

Accelerate Provisioning on Shared Infrastructure

Deliver cloud infrastructure on-demand so end users can consume virtual resources with maximum agility with VMware vCloud Director. Consolidate datacenters and deploy workloads on shared infrastructure with built-in security and role-based access control. Migrate workloads between different clouds and integrate existing management systems using customer extensions, APIs, and open cross-cloud standards.

Key Features and Functionality

VMware vCloud Director enables IT to create secure hybrid clouds for consolidating clusters of virtual resources and delivering those resources on-demand as infrastructure as a service.

Fast Provisioning

Using VMware’s unique Linked Clone technology, end users are able to rapidly clone base vApps into children vApps by only storing changes made by children and reading all other data from the base.  This enables significant storage savings for IT and acceleration for end users who have highly cloned applications.

Virtual Datacenters

Virtual datacenters are logical constructs that include compute, storage and networking capacity to enable complete separation between the consumption of infrastructure services and the underlying  hardware.

Watch video: VMware vCloud Director Resource Management with Tichomir Tenev


vShield Security Technologies

Integrated vShield technologies such as perimeter protection, port-level firewall, and NAT and DHCP services, offer virtualization-aware security, simplify application deployment and enforce boundaries required by compliance standards. Upgrading to the full vShield Edge suite adds advanced services such as site-to-site VPN, network isolation, and web load balancing.

Watch video: VMware vCloud Director Security with Serge Maskalik


Infrastructure Service Catalog

Empowers users to deploy and consume pre-configured infrastructure and application services, such as virtual appliances, virtual machines, operating system images and other media with the click of a button from central catalogs. This enables IT to standardize offerings, simplifying troubleshooting, patching and change management.

Watch video: VMware vCloud Director Catalogs with Orran Krieger


Multi-tenant Organizations

Administrators can group users into organizations that can represent any policy group such as a business unit, division or subsidiary company. Each has isolated virtual resources, independent LDAP-authentication, specific policy controls, and unique catalogs. These features enable a multi-tenant environment with multiple organizations sharing the same infrastructure.

Watch video: VMware vCloud Director Networking with Anupam Dalal


Self-service Portal

Users have direct access to their catalogs and virtual datacenters through a user-friendly web portal.


VMware vCloud API, Open Virtualization Format, and Callouts

The vCloud API is an open, REST-based API that allows scripted access to consume cloud resources, such as vApp upload/download, catalog management, and other operations. The vCloud API makes basic transfer between clouds possible using the Open Virtualization Format (OVF), which preserves application properties, networking configuration, and other settings.  Callouts enable VMware vCloud Director to send outbound messages to other integrated systems.

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