Warranty & server service

All Ahead-IT servers are made up of high-quality components. We assemble and test your product with great care and with professional equipment. Despite these thorough procedures malfunction within the coming years cannot be ruled out.
In such a case, you can count on our Server Service, which guarantees a fast and correct settlement of the warranty procedure, during and after office hours. When purchasing an Ahead-IT server you can decide which kind of level of Server Service you want. We have 2 different formulas:

  • EasyRMA+ (included with every server/VPS/storage/workstation)
  • EasyOnSite

For critical maintenance, please scroll down to General services & repairs.

Type 1: EasyRMA+

At Ahead-IT you don’t just buy a server. With every server purchased, you, as our customer, can count on a server service which lasts 3* years. This service, the EasyRMA+ with Advanced Replacement of Ahead-IT, is included with every server, even if it is your first and/or only purchase.

How EasyRMA+ works: an example

The motherboard of a production server with hundreds of customers plays up. You have no spare parts in stock, because not every company has an ICT-budget to provide for every type of server.
Not to worry, contact our Support Department straight away. They will supply you with a replacement part or similar alternative as soon as possible. No need to wait for the factory guarantee, which could easily take weeks.
Ahead-IT will deliver a solution to your problem from stock. Should any malfunctions arise, the collection and returning of a complete server or of parts via UPS is completely free** during the time of warranty!

Opt for certainty

We have a large stock of more than 200 servers. This way, we can guarantee a swift reparation. No time-consuming and complicated warranty procedures. This is warranty as it should be.
Do you want to run your business free of concerns? Then opt for certainty, opt for a server with 3 years EasyRMA+ Server Service with Advanced Replacement.
Ahead-IT Server Service – and you’ll be absolutely certain!
* = with the purchase of every not-Deals server of Ahead-IT, you can count on the “Ahead-IT Server Service" with EasyRMA+ service package for 3 years. With Deals servers, this term runs for 1 year instead of 3.
** Only valid when shipping via UPS Standard, and for areas without surcharges

Type 2: EasyOnSite 8x5x6 Service

For the duration of the contract, Ahead-IT provides a stock guarantee for all risk-parts. Ahead-IT will dispose of replacement parts for your server at all times. If a defect is notified before 5 pm (on a working day), a technician will visit within 6 hours after notification to solve the problem.
The price of this service is calculated based on a one-off fixed cost, depending on the purchase price of the server.

  • Only valid for servers installed max. 200km away from Ahead-IT office
  • 9x5 = Notification of breakdown can only take place from 9 am to 5 pm (8) on Belgian working days (5) and only via our website
  • The + Supermicro KVM-IP (IPMI) supplies, must be accessible to Ahead-IT’s technical service
  • Ahead-IT’s technical service can assess themselves what is needed in each case:
    • OnSite support, with critical problem a technician on the spot
    • Advanced Replacement, delivery of replacement part, shipped the next day via UPS
  • Not valid for Dead-On-Arrival (DOA), this will be taken care of via EasyRMA+
  • This concerns hardware support, not software. If, through a wrong diagnosis by the customer, it appears that the malfunction concerns a software problem, working hours + transport costs will be charged
  • Ahead-IT keeps a local stock of spare parts, if, however, by unforeseen circumstances, no spare part is available, a similar alternative (if need be a new server) will be offered
  • The General Conditions of Ahead-IT are applicable to repairs. The customer is responsible for all data. The reaction time is subject to force majeure, reaction times which are too long/data loss does not constitute the right to an insurance claim for damages.
  • At the moment not valid on these parts: All articles with NO** behind their product name & under reservation, Ahead-IT will notify after ordering whether there is a problem with the configuration that was ordered for 4 hrs EasyOnSite

If at least one condition has not been met, the server will fall under the EasyRMA+ with Advanced Replacement Service. These conditions are subject to alterations.

Server Service: here is what you get


  • Set of 10 cage nuts for mounting in the rack (if rackmountable)
  • Set of 5 cable straps for a neat cable wiring in the rack
  • Network cable of your choice: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m or 3m
  • All necessary cables


  • Assemblage of the server with optimized cable wiring
  • Server testing with a UXD PHD-card (burn-in)
  • EasyRMA+ service package included, 1, 3 or 5 years
  • Free** transport with UPS within the whole of the European Union, registered mail
  • Free** transport with UPS return, if defective
  • Telephone hardware support during office hours
  • Hardware support by e-mail, 24/7/365
  • Technical team available 24/7/365 for emergency interventions, day and night

General services & repairs

Extra costs, because of a wrong diagnosis by the customer, will be charged to the customer. If it appears that the server or the part is not defective, our working hours together with all the costs incurred, will be charged.

All batteries supplied by Ahead-IT have a warranty period of 6 months after delivery, regardless of what is stated on our website.

Do you have a defect?
You can enter an RMA via ‘My account’. Click on ‘Enter new RMA’ and follow the steps. Is your server in need of critical maintenance after office hours? Tick off the box ‘Critical urgent RMA’. Our standby-support team will be notified by SMS and will contact you by phone asap. Apart from the costs of any spare parts (outside the warranty period) and transportation fees, this service will only cost you €50.   

Standard warranty
Upon purchasing a rack and/or network apparatus & other hardware, the customer will get a factory guarantee of min. 1 year, unless stated otherwise.

Transport costs, prices excl. VAT
RMA with UPS, return: 55 €*
Transport with UPS: 15 - 25 € for one package *
Transport with UPS: 25 - 50 € for multiple packages *
Return service with UPS: 35 € *
Transport with Express service: 0.5 € per kilometre travelled
During office hours: 0.5 € per kilometre travelled
During office hours, urgent intervention: 0.625 € per kilometre travelled
Outside office hours week: 0.75 € per kilometre travelled
Outside office hours weekend/public holiday: 1 € per kilometre travelled

* = only for Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg; other countries = price on request. Free for servers with EasyRMA+.

Labor, prices excl. VAT and excl. parts

  • VMware or Open-E support office hours: €30 per 15 minutes; minimum 30 minutes
  • VMware or Open-E support non office hours or urgent intervention: €40 per 15 minutes; minimum 1 hr
  • Hardware support during office hours no urgence: €20 per 15 minutes; minimum 30 minutes
  • Hardware support outside office hours or urgent intervention: €30 per 15 minutes; minimum 1 hr
  • On-site intervention: €0.14 per driven km.* + labor

Supermicro EasyRMA+ free** transport for all EU-countries, excl. outlying regions
Member states of the EU (year of entry)

  • Austria (1995)
  • Belgium (1952)
  • Bulgaria (2007) – Free transport depending on order amount
  • Cyprus (2004) – Free transport depending on order amount
  • Czech Republic (2004)– Free transport depending on order amount
  • Denmark (1973)
  • Estonia (2004)
  • Finland (1995) – Free transport depending on order amount
  • France (1952)
  • Germany (1952)
  • Greece (1981)
  • Hungary (2004)– Free transport depending on order amount
  • Ireland (1973)
  • Italy (1952)
  • Latvia (2004)
  • Lithuania (2004)– Free transport depending on order amount
  • Luxembourg (1952)
  • Malta (2004) – Free transport depending on order amount
  • Netherlands (1952)
  • Poland (2004) – Free transport depending on order amount
  • Portugal (1986)
  • Romania (2007) – Free transport depending on order amount
  • Slovakia (2004) – Free transport depending on order amount
  • Slovenia (2004) – Free transport depending on order amount
  • Spain (1986) - No free transport to Las Palmas
  • Sweden (1995) – Free transport depending on order amount
  • United Kingdom (1973) 

** Only valid when shipping via UPS Standard, and for areas without surcharges