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All our servers are Intel Atom or Intel Xeon processor based.
AMD servers can be configured on demand.



Looking for a reliable and certified SAN solution? Choose our optimized certified Open-E ZFS storage servers with fantastic performance by using ZFS NVME SSD read and write caching!

Choose two identical SANs with an extra 10Gb port and in this way build a high-availability iSCSI, FC, SMB or NFS storage cluster.

Storage License Calculator for Open-E JovianDSS


Private Cloud


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Your IT partner in cloud servers and storage solutions

Looking to expand your (cloud) server and storage capacities? Ahead-IT is ready. With on-demand configuration, an impressive selection of products and professional service, we make sure your IT department gets the infrastructure it needs.

Look no further for your server or storage

Ahead-IT tailors dedicated and cloud servers & storage for every fitting. Professionals will find their IT solution right here, whether they work for an SME or a large corporation, a university or a government.
We let you configure your cloud servers and cloud storage to your own liking. Simply choose a server or storage type, select any optional hardware and software components and you are done. You can also order hardware and software individually. Before we deliver your product, we assemble and thoroughly test it in its full configuration. All the in-house testing is powered with green electricity. To most European countries we deliver products without any additional costs charged.

The Ahead-IT treatment

So you ordered and received a product. What’s next? Every purchase at Ahead-IT comes with a 3-year warranty. And if you’re writing off over 5/7 years, you can upgrade to a 5/7-year warranty. This service includes professional advice and swift reparation or replacement when necessary. 
Do you have any questions about our cloud servers, cloud storage or any of our other products and services? Use the live help button or contact us via email or phone. 

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