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Who is Ahead-IT?
Supermicro server solutions
Ahead-IT is an official provider of Supermicro server hardware. Supermicro is globally renowned for operating on the bleeding edge of efficient and green server technology.
Save on power, energy and carbon dioxide
Supermicro keeps things green. Test results show that a Supermicro server systematically performs better than competing servers on the scale of power versus performance. Thanks to efficient component and cooling technologies, the server can save up to 32 watts per node.
Do more, faster
Supermicro continues to perfect its server technology. Innovations include Twin Architecture, SuperServer and SuperBlade products. Ahead-IT allows you to tweak these products to create the most efficient server system for your company.   
Pick and choose
Don’t have much room to spare in the office building? With Supermicro, you get to choose from a variety of architectural models to best suit the space around you. Ahead-IT offers everything from rack over tower to blade servers.
Reduce cost over time
Supermicro servers last longer and cost less to operate. That means that the total cost of ownership will be considerably lower than most server brands.
Ahead-IT lets you configure its server products completely to your own liking. Simply select a base server type and model, and choose any components available. 

Advanced server selector

Tower Servers

Great tower servers for small businesses

Tower servers are relatively low-cost, compact and easy to set up. Still, they can pack quite the processing power and storage, while operating quietly. Especially for small or growing businesses with 25 or fewer employees these kinds of servers are quick and reliable solutions.  

Custom modifications

Our webshop offers you an array of configuration choices. You can modify your tower servers with various internal options:
  • Memory capacities
  • Power supplies
  • Hard disk drives & SSD’s
  • Front or rear I/O
  • PCI expansion slots
  • Networking options
As an official provider of Supermicro products, Ahead-IT offers only the best tower servers in their price range. Each one of our tower servers – even the base model – comes with low-noise, high-efficient cooling architecture.  

How do I order a tower server? 

Click on the blue icon next to a server model of your choice to configure your product. You can then easily select extra hardware components and software packages. After we receive your payment, we assemble your custom tower server. We thoroughly test the product, and send it to your office.
Your delivered tower server works out of the box and comes with a 3-year warranty (upgradable to 5 years).   
1 x Intel Xeon E3 v5
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