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Who is Ahead-IT?

Storage and server software

Complete your setup with reliable storage and server software.
Should you not find what you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out to us and request your product. We will contact the manufacturer and deliver your product asap.  

Operating systems

Ahead-IT offers high-end versions of Windows OSes at the lowest prices. Browse our product list below to find both retail Windows 7 / 8.1 and Windows Server packages. Our virtualization software includes VMware and Veeam solutions.

Storage software     

Ahead-IT’s servers are optimized for Open-E storage server software. In our webshop we offer products developed for various purposes. Both SMEs and larger corporations will find high-quality storage server software here. On top of our basic licenses, we also have extension keys, add-on packs, upgrades and support plans for Open-E software. 
The Open-E software packages are perfectly suited for several types of storage:
  • Backup storage
  • High-availability virtualization storage
  • R&D storage
  • Cloud & VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) storage
  • Video & big data storage
Open-E supports all major protocols: iSCSI, NFS, Apple Talk AFP, fibre channel, SMB, FTP, HTTP sharing and data/volume replication. 

Virtualization software

For high-quality virtualization software packages we trust in VMware. Veeam helps you monitor and manage your virtualized environment.
We do offer software for desktops, servers and virtualization by Microsoft and Citrix as well.

Private, public or hybrid cloud configuration

Our pre-configured cloud configurations have already helped multiple companies to achieve more with less. Together with our hybrid, public or private cloud solutions we offer 4 different server software options, including software pre-installation and configuration, a training course as well as a scheme for cluster storage servers.
Have any questions? Feel free to contact us! 
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