At Ahead-IT you can always go for customized storage solutions, whether you are looking for a backup device, a JBOD chassis or a fully configured server, certified for your Open-E.

Certified servers for Open-E JovianDSS ZFS

All the servers in this category are certified for Open-E JovianDSS ZFS software. These storage solutions are ideal for:

  • high-availability virtualization storage target
  • video & big data storage
  • cloud and VDI storage
  • backup
  • R&D

Protocols such as iSCSI, NFS, fiber channel, HTTP sharing, SMB, FTP, FC, cifs and data / volume replication are supported as standard. You can order your basic configuration server online immediately, or choose your options yourself via the user-friendly configurator.

Your storage solution? Best with ZFS NVME read and write caching!

There are currently 3 types of storage on the market. SSDs (solid state drives) - SATA or NVME (even faster SSD on the pci-e bus) have the highest performance and lowest access time, but the price per GB is a lot higher than with SAS and SATA. Thanks to the software in Open-E ZFS, all data is initially written to the fast SSDs or even faster NVME drives. Ditto for read operations, these happen from the main memory and from fast SSD or NVME drives.

The end result is a cheap SATA and SAS storage server with SSD / NVME performance.

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JBOD - just a bunch of disks

The JBOD storage enclosure family cover a whole series of product that supports both LFF (Large form factor, 3.5" drive) and SFF (small form factor, 2.5" drive). Chassis height choice from 2U, 3U to 4U, offer variety from 12 bay (SC826B JBOD) to 90 bay (SC946ED JBOD). Latest SAS3 (12Gb/s) speed SKU satisfy the need of high read and write speed between the server node and JBOD.

The backplane type variety, with both single and dual expander that equipped on the product provide two different type of demand: Provide software define storage certified system as major storage compoent for high availaibity application; or meet the need of continuous data growth, reliability and energy efficiency, the JBOD storage enclosure series provide a "start small grow big" solution for expand the data capacity.

System is easy to manage via IPMI port with SNMP for remote system power on/off and system monitoring. The whole series feature Titanium / Platinum level high efficiency power supplies.

Dealer price [ex]
Supermicro CSE-836BE1C-R1K03JBOD: 3U Storage JBOD Chassis with capacity 16 x 3.5" hot-swappable HDDs bays Cloud Backup, Data Replication, or High Density Archive Storage Applications
€ 1.386,92