Ahead-IT specializes in servers for big data storage. Every storage server contains a RAID card or JBOD controller with LSI CacheCade software pre-packaged. All of our storage servers are certified for Open-E and/or Nexenta software. Be sure to check out our JBOD and backup hardware components as well.

LSI CacheCade 2.0 solves your hot data problems

Put short, LSI MegaRaid CacheCade 2.0 is a software tool that keeps your ‘hot’ data readily available on flash memory in a solid state drive.
Your storage hardware can consist of SSD, SAS or SATA disks. SSD’s (solid-state drives) perform better but are more expensive than SAS and SATA storage. Our servers use LSI CacheCade 2.0 to store idle data on the SATA or SAS disks and to only engage the SSD for active or ‘hot’ data.
This allows for your big data storage infrastructure to keep performance very high while requiring much less expensive SSD’s. That’s a win-win if ever we saw one.

Open-E and Nexenta software

The Open-E and Nexenta software packages are perfectly suited for several types of storage:

  • High-availability virtualization storage
  • Video & big data storage
  • Cloud & VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) storage
  • Backup storage
  • R&D storage

Open-E and Nexenta support all major protocols: iSCSI, NFS, Apple Talk AFP, fibre channel, SMB, FTP, HTTP sharing and data/volume replication. 
Feel free to contact us for all your questions.