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Who is Ahead-IT?

YourCloud: private cloud storage and server package

Ahead-IT specializes in servers and storage for professional application management. However, we do not want to just sell high-quality hardware and software. We wish to assist you in reaching your goals.
That is why Ahead-IT invested in research, development and testing to come up with fully fledged private cloud storage and server packages tailored to your business.
The result is called YourCloud, and it is available now.

However you want it

YourCloud is a meticulously curated private cloud storage and server package, which you can customize to fit the scope of your business. On a monthly basis, you receive a complete private cloud solution, consisting of:
  • 3 high-availability, low-power and compact 2U VMware servers with integrated SAN
  • 192 / 384 / 768GB vRAM
  • 24 (2.4Ghz – 48 virtual cores) / 42 (2.3Ghz – 84 virtual cores) / 84 (2.3Ghz – 168 virtual cores) Intel Xeon CPU cores
  • 24TB bruto storage capacity (SATA 7.2k rpm) with 600GB SSD cache read/write
  • Integrated backup solution with 12TB bruto storage capacity

Of course, you can alter these specs as you like.
Automatically included with YourCloud are a number of benefits:
  • 10GB/s reduced storage network (2 x 12 port)
  • 1GB/s reduced management network (2 x 52 port)
  • 2 x 1GB uplinks available per VMware server
  • All VMware licenses, including vMotion
  • Full installation and out-of-the-box configuration
  • Guaranteed delivery within 4 weeks
  • 5-year troubleshooting and maintenance of VMware vSphere*
  • After 5 years, all hardware and software becomes your property**
  • On-site installation and training by our technicians 

Wherever you want it

Our team delivers and installs the YourCloud private cloud storage and server package at your office or in your datacenter in Belgium or the Netherlands. Contact us at [email protected]!
Disclaimer: this service is only valid for customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Please contact our sales department at [email protected] for more info.

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* All hardware comes with a 5-year warranty with free repairs included. Software will be maintained to the level of VMware solutions (upgrades not included). Ahead-IT is not responsible for creating or managing virtual machines and their corresponding OS.
** Licenses are not available to businesses leasing VPS or hosting services. You will need a VSPP contract.
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