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Alle mogelijke hardware onderdelen voor uw IT-systeem op maat

Enkel met de juiste hardware onderdelen kunnen we een optimaal IT-systeem bouwen. Bij Ahead-IT vindt u alle mogelijke onderdelen voor de samenstelling van kwalitatieve servers. Ook bij herstellingen maken we gebruik van onze lokale voorraad. Op die manier kunnen we u een snelle en persoonlijke service garanderen.

Hier vindt u alle mogelijke hardware accessoires onder één dak:

  • Harde schijven
  • Geheugen
  • SSD’s
  • Kabels
  • Server boards
  • Floppy drives
  • DVD-lezers
  • Processors
  • Monitors
  • GPU
  • Supermicro®
  • Raid controllers
  • Network controllers
  • Voedingen
  • Enzovoort

Informeer gerust naar onze lokale voorraad. Bestellen kan eenvoudig en snel via onze gebruiksvriendelijke website. Nog vragen? Neem contact op.


Please note - many Asus parts are only sold in combination with a complete tested system order to protect our own assembly line due to the shortages.

Also, some Asus barebone systems require a minimum amount of CPU/memory/HDD/SSD/NVMe.

For these reasons, some orders might be cancelled as they are not accepted by Asus or Ahead-IT.

Please E-mail sales@ahead-it.eu before placing an order for parts only.


Dealer prijs
Asus 900-21001-0000-000 Nvdia NVIDIA A100 with 40GB, 250W (For PCIeGen4 model) PCIeGen4 Card FOR ESC4000A-E10 and following ICELAKE or Milan GPU Server
€ 8.993,56
Asus 900-21001-0020-000 Nvdia NVIDIA A100 with 80GB, 300W (For PCIeGen4 model) New Price after Jun'22; PCIeGen4 Card FOR ESC4000A-E10 and following ICELAKE or Milan GPU Server
€ 14.577,79
Asus 900-21001-0040-000 Nvdia A30 with 24GB, 180W Ligth SKU of A100
€ 4.426,05
Asus 900-21010-0000-000 Nvdia NVIDIA H100 with 80GB, 350W (PCIeGen5) None (No power cable from Nvidia for H100
€ 27.980,82
Asus 900-2G133-0000-000 Nvdia A40 with 48GB, 300W Successor of RTX 6000/8000 Passive SKU
€ 4.468,05
Asus 900-2G133-0010-000 Nvdia L40 , 48GB , 300W (No NVLink port) None (No power cable from Nvidia for L40)
€ 7.618,77
Asus 900-2G133-0020-100 Nvdia A10 with 24GB, 150W Successor of T4 in Full Height / 150W SKU
€ 2.715,31
Asus 900-2G171-0000-000 Nvdia A16 , 4 X 16GB, 300W Target for VDI
€ 2.968,39
Asus 900-2G179-0020-000 (ATX Bracket) 900-2G179-0020-001 (LP Bracket) Nvdia A2 with LP bracket (Full Height ATX Bracket in box) , 16GB, 40~60W Focused SKU for A2 since Asus GPU Server are with ATX FH bracket ; Single slot , Low profile , NV General availablity since Feb'22
€ 1.137,92
Asus 900-2G183-0000-000 Nvdia Tesla T4 with 16GB FOR ESC4000/ESC8000 Series (SK order Needed for G3 series)
€ 2.203,63
Asus 900-2G193-0000-000 Nvdia L4 , 24GB GDDR6, 70W (ATX Full height bracket)
€ 2.327,41
Asus 900-52061-0000-000 Nvdia QUADRO SYNC II (P2061 Pascal)
€ 864,52
Asus 900-53651-0000-000 Nvdia NVLink 2-slot Bridge for A100/A40/A30/A6000/A5000 (1) 3pcs* NVLINK Bridge for 2pcs*A100 ; MOQ: 3pcs (2) 1pcs* NVLINK Bridge for 2pcs*A40/A6000/A30/A5000
€ 156,38
Asus 900-5G132-0000-000 Nvdia RTX A5000 with 24GB, 230W Successor of RTX 5000 ACTIVE SKU, MP in Apr'21
€ 2.061,52
Asus 900-5G132-2250-000 Nvdia Nvidia RTX A4500 with 20GB, 200W Dual Slot, MP in Nov'21
€ 1.602,37
Asus 900-5G132-2270-000 Nvdia RTX A5500 with 24GB, 230W
€ 3.338,60
Asus 900-5G133-0000-000 Nvdia RTX A6000 with 48GB , 300W Successor of RTX 6000 ACTIVE SKU, SK order start in Dec'20, system QVL in Jan'21
€ 4.279,07
Asus 900-5G133-2250-000 Nvdia RTX 6000 ADA 48GB , 300W (No NVLink port) Successor of A6000/ RTX 6000 ACTIVE SKU
€ 7.195,52
Asus 900-5G150-2250-000 Nvdia RTX 6000 with 24GB (ACTIVE FAN)
€ 3.644,73
Asus 900-5G172-2240-000 Nvdia T400 with 4GB, 30W
€ 143,68
Asus 900-5G172-2270-000 Nvdia T1000 with 8GB, 50W
€ 386,68
Asus 900-5G192-2250-000 Nvdia RTX A2000 with 12GB, 70W
€ 616,54
Asus Nvdia NVIDIA 2-slot NVLINK Bridge for Quadro RTX 5000
€ 102,85
Asus PCIeGen4x16, Full Height Full Length, Dual Slot 300W AMD MI100
€ 7.039,69
Asus PCIeGen5 capable Full Height Full Length, Dual Slot 300W AMD MI210
€ 9.476,50
Asus RTX A4000 with 16GB, 140W 900-5G190-2200-000 Successor of RTX 4000, MP in May'21
€ 952,35