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SBE-414E-422 - Enclosure with four 2200W Titanium (96% efficiency) power supplies

SBE-414E-422 - Enclosure with four 2200W Titanium (96% efficiency) power supplies

Supermicro SBE-414E 4U Black, Grey

Supermicro SBE-414E, 4U, Black, Grey


No separate parts of this brand can be purchased, unless the parts will be used for a complete system supplied by Ahead-IT. 

For these reasons, an order might be cancelled/refunded as it is not accepted for this brand at Ahead-IT.

Please E-mail [email protected] before placing an order for parts only to avoid extra administration.

Ahead-IT recommends ordering complete tested servers with 3 to 7 years EasyRMA+ with advanced replacement service for production server usage.

Many barebones systems require a minimum amount of CPU/memory/HDD/SSD/NVMe when ordering. Please consider using our configurator or mail us on [email protected] to enable the configurator.

Space Optimization

Housed within a 19" industry-standard rack, SuperBlade servers reduce server footprint in the data center. Power, cooling and networking devices are aggregated in the rear of the chassis which optimizes the required amount of space.
Up to 20 two-socket blade servers blades can be installed in an 8U enclosure. Compared to the 20U of rack space that twenty 1U servers would normally require as individual servers, the SuperBlade provides more than 60% space savings with 100 nodes and 20 switches in a 42U rack.

Cable Reduction

The SuperBlade server chassis enclosure greatly simplifies the cabling process by aggregating cabling of twenty servers at once. Up to 95% of network, power, and KVM cabling required for twenty 1U servers is reduced by moving to blade servers in a single chassis. These cabling reductions continue across networking, SAN connectivity, and management controllers.
Reducing the number of cables speeds up the deployment of servers and helps reduce troubleshooting issues by presenting fewer physical connections to the servers.
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1 Year Carry-In Warranty - for parts only - no Ahead-IT support - no advanced replacement
Rack capacity
The spase that device fill in rack.
Product colour
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Black, Grey
Number of fans
The quantity of fans (apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation).
2 fan(s)
Power supply
The way in which the product is powered e.g. rechargeable battery, mains electricity connected via a plug and cable.
2200 W
Weight & dimensions
Size (imperial)
Physical dimension.
48.3 cm (19")
The measurement or extent of something from side to side.
447 mm
The distance from the front to the back of something.
812.8 mm
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